A GOLF course planning proposal which would see nearly half a million tons of waste and hundreds of lorries a week entering a village has been roundly condemned.

Plans by Roebix Ltd to start construction of extra 18-hole and 9-hole golf courses at Blakes Golf Club, North Weald, were unanimously opposed by North Weald Parish Council tonight.

Cllr Peter Collins said: “We are talking about just under 500,000 tons of inert waste dumped on our Green Belt village. There is major concern about 150 lorry movements every day for three years.”

Steve Crew, 55, of Skips Corner, North Weald, said: “I live directly behind the golf course. I couldn't live with 75 lorries going past my window going in and 75 past my window coming out every day for three years. I didn't buy a house in the country to join the M1.

“I'll be taking it all the way too the European Court of Human Rights. It'd make my life unbearable. I'd be surrounded by golfers marching around me.”

Kevin Hickson, 55, of Dukes Close, North Weald, said: “I'm just 100 per cent against it. I'd rather have it as agricultural land you can still walk around. It's 78 hectares of land just gone. It's just a quick-fire way of making money.”

Roebix owner Ian Bailey, the man behind the proposal, told the parish council his plans for a pay-per-play golf course would be good for the village.

He said: “We do believe it will have a great benefit by the time it is completed. The golf market has changed considerably and it's becoming more popular to pay for golf as you play it. We'll be catering to the needs of golfers at an affordable level.”

Asked by parish council chairman Cyril Hawkins why so much waste had to be imported, Mr Bailey replied: “The importation of soil is very important to the financial costs of constructing golf courses. The construction costs are supported by money we make from importing material.”

Mr Hawkins said: “It's just a dumping ground. I don't see any reason why we should give this to our children.”

Cllr Anne Grigg pointed out there were already 14 golf courses within five miles of North Weald.

The parish council objection will be lodged with Essex County Council which will have the final say on the proposal.

It has not yet set a date to hear the first phase proposal from Roebix which would involve an initial importation of 65,095 cubic metres of waste.