A KUNG fu master who studied at a temple in China is trying to get children and their parents to engage in martial arts.

Trainer Shifu Browne is one of the 34th generation Shaolin Kung fu masters from Shaolin Temple in China and has been practising martial arts for more than 30 years.

Now he is promoting the health benefits of the holistic Shaolin Kung fu to Waltham Forest residents.

The trainer is part of Shaolin Gongfu City, which is running free classes in Walthamstow in Shaolin Kung fu and Tai Chi.

The programme is funded by Play Sport London and aimed at engaging inactive adults and families in sports participation to improve their health and quality of life.

The classes are every Saturday at 12.15 to 1.30pm at the St Gabriel's Family Centre, in Havant Road, Walthamstow.

Two classes are run at the same time - Chen style Tai Chi class for adults, which is more gentle and helps to increase energy levels and strength - and an energectic Shaolin Kung fu class for children, which teaches them discipline and self defence through hard training.

For more details, visit www.shaolingongfucity.co.uk

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