THE FIRST young person in London to apply for a new national ID card has completed the enrolment process in central London.

Peter Fawcett, 21, of Lorne Gardens in Wanstead, had his fingerprints recorded and a photgraph taken at the London Passport Office in Victoria this morning (Monday February 8).

Mr Fawcett, who has lived in Wanstead his whole life and went to Davenant Foundation School in Loughton, said: “I was keen from the outset to get a National Identity Card.

“I will be travelling to Holland next month and the convenience of taking the credit card-sized ID card with me in my wallet for use as a travel document far outweighs taking my passport with me.

“My passport is also getting really battered by me carrying it around as proof of age. With a national identity card, I can leave my passport at home and carry my ID card in my wallet instead.

“If I lose it I only have to pay £30 instead of £77.50 to have it replaced.”

Mr Fawcett, who works for National Rail, said he wasn't worried about his information being stored on a central database.

He said: “Your passport details are all stored so I don't worry about that. And to be honest, if you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to worry about.

“Plus if you go into London every day your face is on CCTV pretty much the whole time anyway!”

Youngsters aged 16 to 24 across London can now apply for the cards, which cost £30. For more information visit or call 0300 330 0000.