RESIDENTS in Buckhurst Hill were left "stunned" when more than 50 mysterious objects silently flew over their homes last week.

Witnesses in the Brook Road area said they saw dozens of the lights at around 9.15pm on Thursday (February 11).

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. We must've watched them for about five minutes but they kept on coming.

"There were at least 50 of them.

"I've spoken to several other people who also said they saw them.

"I don't believe in UFOs but I would really like to know what they were."

Mark Rosney, of UFO-investigation website, contacted the Guardian saying he was convinced the lights were from fire balloons - otherwise known as Chinese Lanterns.

He said: "The hallmark of a typical fire balloon sighting is that they appear as distant orange balls of light that drifts along with the ambient air. They are usually released in large numbers.

"Even if they are not moving in the same direction initially, the overall direction of travel will eventually become the same for the formation if you observe them for long enough. This is due to them climbing up to their 'operational' height, passing through ground shear breezes which can cause them to alter direction as they do so.

"As soon as they reach their 'operational ceiling height', they should then move along in the same direction and relative speed to each other."

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