WALTHAMSTOW stuntman Terry Cole has been chilling out in his own unique way as he prepares to beat a record set by David Blaine.

In the run-up to his stunt when he will be entombed in a coffin of ice for nearly 100 hours, Terry has been locking himself in a freezer in a butcher's shop on Walthamstow High Street.

Terry's Butchers, at 10 High Street, has allowed him to use their freezer for several hours every day.

Locking himself inside the confined space is already helping him to build up his physical and mental strength for December 8, when the stunt is expected to take place.

Not only will he be going without food and drink during his endurance feat, he also hopes to do a series of thousands of demanding exercises including star jumps and squat thrusts while in the ice.

"It can be a bit claustrophobic in there but it's good preparation. I'm feeling confident about December. I know I've got to build myself up over the next few weeks so I've been eating lots of carbohydrates," he said.

The stunt is being sponsored by the Star Of India restaurant in Leytonstone High Road, and the owners will allow it to be performed in premises next door to the restaurant.

As well as preparing for the ice event, Terry is hoping to beat another world record and raise money for the charity Children With Leukaemia. He is training at Walthamstow Pool and Track for a stunt when he will push an orange with his nose around the track for a distance of 26 miles.