SGT Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came to life for two brothers when they joined Sir Paul McCartney on stage at Live 8.

Professional musicians Adam, 32, and Joe Walters, 28, were two of the four horn players dressed in the famous Beatles Sgt Pepper costumes and performed with Sir Paul and U2 during the opening and last set of Live 8.

The brothers, who were brought up in Avon Road, Walthamstow, played in front of an estimated audience of two billion people, 200,000 of whom were in Hyde Park and the rest watching the show on televisions across the world on July 2.

Adam said: "It was an amazing experience and a great honour to play with Sir Paul McCartney.

"It was incredible. We are both big Beatles fans. Sir Paul was such a nice guy and when we came off the stage at the end of the concert he gave us a hug and told us we had all just made history.

"He even talked to us about performing with the Beatles at the old Granada in Hoe Street, which is now the EMD Cinema."

The brothers, who started learning their instruments through the council-run Waltham Forest Music Service, were asked to take part in the concert by a friend of Adam's.

He is a fixer for Sir Paul, which means he books musicians for concerts and album recordings.

Adam and Joe cleared their diaries and made sure they were free for the concert.

Joe, who is also in bands called Stereolab and The Local Show, said: "We had three rehearsals of the song before the big event. My mouth was pretty dry before we went on and when we were on stage all we could see was a sea of people.

"We had access-all-areas passes for backstage and saw so many celebrities including Robbie Williams and U2. It was a great atmosphere and strange to see everyone mixing. We saw Sir Bob Geldof talking to Kofi Annan, Seretary General of the United Nations.

"There was even an impromptu sing-a-long with Sir Paul and his band behind the scenes. When you think back to what we were a part of, it is almost like a dream."