How do you fancy stepping back 3,000 years in time? You do great, because now you can do just that with Egyptian Diary, by Richard Platt and David Parkins.

You will find yourself transported back to the year 1465BC and meet young Nakht and his family as they prepare to move to the big city of Memphis where his father has just become an important scribe. With Nakht, we explore this bustling Egyptian city meeting the skilled craftsmen busily working away, discovering how houses are built, visiting the ships at the docks and witnessing a hippopotamus hunt. Most thrilling of all, Nakht and his sister Tamyt, have a scary adventure when they witness a tomb robbery and end up meeting the King of Egypt! This fascinating journal is a companion to the much acclaimed Castle Diary and Pirate Diary. Egyptian Diary is published by Walker Books at £14.99 and is great for both boys and girls of about Eight years plus.

My next book is all about the power stories have to transform our lives. I Believe in Unicorns by Michael Morpurgo, tells the story of 8-year-old Tom who hates school, hates books and hates stories. Forced to visit the library, he stops to listen to the magical tales that the Unicorn Lady spins. These stories begin to draw him in, becoming part of him and changing the course of his life for ever. making him believe in unicorns. The whole book has a dreamlike, haunting quality about it that helps to carry the story along wonderful. I Believe in Unicorns is aimed at readers in the seven years plus age group and is published by Walker Books at £7.99 In Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin. the story begins when Liz is killed in a hit-and-run accident, and her life' takes a very unexpected turn. At nearly 16 she knows she will never get married, never have children, and perhaps never fall in love. But everything carries on as normal except that the inhabitants get younger, dogs and humans can communicate (at last), new relationships are formed and old ones, sadly interrupted on Earth, are renewed. This wonderful novel, aimed at the young teenage market is attracting fantastic reviews and rightly so. Elsewhere is published by Bloomsbury Books at £12.99 and is a magnificent, uplifting read.

Well that's it Have a fantastic week everyone See you next week. Karen Hart