I know that a lot of you are big fans of the best-selling Edge Chronicles' by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell. But, I wonder how many of you have read their new work, Corby Flood'.

Corby; our hero, has set sail aboard the battered old ship; S.S. Euphoria, together with her mother, father, four energetic brothers and older sister; Serena. The odd thing is, although they are sailing the seven seas in a cruise ship, it never actually stops anywhere, but Corby doesn't mind, she can see past all the rusty old railings, chipped paintwork and scuffed decking, and sees a majestic cruise liner, ablaze with twinkling lights, gliding across a moonlit sea.

This is just as well really, as she has many amazing adventures lying in wait for her, that make for yet another fantastic book from this brilliant author/illustrator partnership The cover is a fold-out map too! Corby Flood' is published by Doubleday at £8.99 and if you are about ten years plus, you'll love it Another winner from this extremely talented partnership.

Now, time for a book review sent to me from Daniel, age twelve of Walthamstow. He has chosen to review the brilliant Millions', by Frank Cottrel Boyce.

In this book it is seventeen days before England adopts the Euro and our currency is about to become obsolete. The hero of the story is a boy called Damian who sees a bag full of pound notes (£229.370) fall out of the sky. He has to rush to spend all the money, together with his brother Anthony.

They have to be very careful that their dad doesn't find out and it is very funny. Damian's mum has recently died and he has become obsessed with saints and has visions and visitations throughout the story.

It is sometimes sad as well as funny as Damian misses his mum, and he thinks that the money must be a gift from God an answer to his prayers. This is one of the best books I have read for a long time. I want to see the film now, to see if it is as good as the book.

Definitely worth reading boys and girls too.' A big thank-you to Daniel for that fantastic review a prize is on its way to you now!

Time to go again I'm afraid but don't forget that I love to hear from you and if your letter is printed, I'll send you a great book prize! Have a fabulous week.

Karen Hart