A BOOK exploring the situation of families with one child is available from the author at a signing session this weekend.

To Have an Only Child by Ros Kane, of Matcham Road, Leytonstone, presents a full discussion on the subject from what it is like to be an only child to parents' reasons for having just one child, their worries and reservations, and the benefits of having a one-child family.

Ms Kane discussed the book with shoppers in Ottakars bookshop in Selborne Walk, Walthamstow, on Saturday, and is looking forward to meeting more readers at Asda, Leyton Mills, this Saturday from 11am.

Ms Kane, a psychotherapist and mother of one, draws on in-depth case studies and interviews to give readers insight, comfort and advice from single-child parents who discuss the spectrum of emotions from raising an only child to losing one through death or estrangement.

Ms Kane researched the views of around 400 men and women and gives examples of famous only children and parents of only children in the book.

She said it was intended for "anyone who has an only child, including those who may if be thinking of having more children, or people who do not have children and are thinking of how many children they want to have".

She said the book could also help people who were married to an only child, or who worked with children and wanted to form a better understanding of one-child families.

Ms Kane said: "I address real feelings in the book, and they are very mixed feelings on a mixed subject. I try to look at it all honestly, not hiding the pain of it, but also looking at the positive things.

"If you know other people have been through the same feelings it can help anything that may be difficult for you."

If you can't attend Saturday's signing, contact Ros Kane on 8555 5248 for a copy.