AN AUTISM campaigner from Redbridge has praised the leaders of the three main political parties for paying tribute to carers across the UK.

Ivan Corea, of UK Autism Foundation - which is based in South Woodford - welcomed remarks made by Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg during their televised leaders debate on ITV1 last night (Thursday).

Mr Corea, whose son Charin is autistic, said: "As a parent and a carer and a father of a teenager with autism I welcome the rare moment of consensus when Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg paid tribute to carers in the UK stating they were the unsung heroes and heroines.

"They touched briefly on disability and UKAF had called for disability issues to be included in all three debates on ITV, Sky and the BBC.

"Carers need help and support. Carers are spending over 70 hours a week looking after children and adults with autism and they receive a pitiful 75 pence an hour.

"The next government needs to address the issue and bring in permanent increases in the disability living allowance, the carers allowance, child benefit and tax credits.

"Autism is a 24 hour job and life can be very hard for parents, carers,children and adults with autism and Asperger's Syndrome and we need more help."

UKAF has also called on the next government to consider introducing state funded autism schools and state funded autism academies.

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