London-based Philosophy Football FC has organised an election-themed three-sided football match in Haggerston Park this Sunday, writes Nick Elvin.

The forthcoming general election is turning out to be a three-horse race. So you would be forgiven for thinking it would be impossible to settle such a political struggle using the traditionally two-sided method of a football match.

But London-based Philosophy Football FC has looked beyond the boundaries of the sport and organised an election-themed three-sided football match in Haggerston Park this Sunday.

Played on a hexagonal pitch with three goals, the match will consist of three “halves” of 30-minutes, and there will be two referees making philosophical judgements.

Philosophy Football FC will wear the red shirts of the Labour Party, the University of the Arts will represent the Conservatives, while the Lib Dems are made up of a team of graphic designers.

“With the three-sided concept it reflects what’s going on in the elections – it’s a three-sided contest,” says Geoff Andrews, the club’s founder and manager. “You’re against two other teams, so it might foster some interesting alliances on the pitch.”

Unlike traditional football, the object is not to score goals, but to try not to concede them. Geoff adds: “It might be quite a tactical game.”

Philosophy Football FC, which plays regular two-sided matches in London, was founded in the 1990s partly in response to the growing corporate domination of football. Geoff says its players enjoy the “small pleasures of the beautiful game”, and focus on teamwork and freedom of expression.

“We try and have a different take on football,” says Geoff. “We have this slightly different critical outlook of football.”

Sunday, 3pm, in Haggerston Park, E2. Free entry.