A FATHER-OF-TWO who is lucky to be alive after crashing his car head-on into a concrete wall on the A406 has thanked the motorists who came to his aid.

Kevin Sherwani, 34, of Northdene in Chigwell, broke his pelvis, leg and four ribs in the horrific smash, which happened by the Crooked Billet roundabout in Walthamstow on Tuesday December 14.

Mr Sherwani, who works in recruitment but is also a leading Michael Jackson impersonator, estimates he was travelling at about 55mph but crashed after fainting at the wheel.

"I had a stomach bug and I hadn't eaten much that day, but everything seemed fine," he said.

"I was driving along coming home from work and all I remember is suddenly thinking 'oh my God I'm going to faint'.

"The next thing I knew I woke up in hospital five hours later with my wife and extended family at my bedside.

"I've never, ever fainted like that before or crashed. It's so strange."

The smash caused massive tailbacks and three other cars on the opposite carriageway also crashed when they slowed down to look.

But the outcome could have been far worse.

Mr Sherwani was lucky not to be hit by the engine of his Lexus IS200, which ended up just inches away from him on the front passenger seat.

But he said the car was so well built it protected him from other potential injuries, and he credits the brand as being one of the safest available.

He added: "I am really thankful that so many people stopped to help me while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

"And I know the crash caused traffic jams for four hours. So I just wanted to say I am very aware of the inconvenience it caused and I appreciate everyone's patience."

After spending weeks in hospital, Mr Sherwani has been making a slow but steady recovery from his injuries and can now walk again using crutches.

But while his Michael Jackson impersonations have been put on hold, he remains philosophical about the ordeal.

He said: "I'm just pleased I'm alive and can spend time with my wife and children who I all love very much."

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