At just 17, Muzzammil Hashmi is managing director of his own production company, has filmed with the BBC and has shot interviews with some of pop music’s biggest names.

The Leyton filmmaker has just completed his biggest commission to date, a film about the creative designers behind Westfield Stratford City – soon to be the UK’s biggest shopping centre, when it opens in September.

As part of a youth community project, Muzzammil worked with film production experts to produce interviews with Laurence Kemball-Cook – tasked with making sure the retail landmark can boast sound environmental credentials, and designer Lee Broom was commisioned to create Westfield’s light fittings.

“It was a fantastic experience,“ says Muzzammil who studies at Leyton Sixth Form College. “Because my background is music videos and promotional footage, meeting fashion and environmental designers in their workplace was a great way of broadening my horizons as a film maker.

“It was a brilliant team too. We developed a trust between all of the crew, which allowed us to work comfortably, professionally, efficiently and also enjoy ourselves and the filmmaking process.“

Working with Laurence proved a good match for Muzzammil. Laurence had been hand-picked by supermodel and environmental campaigner, Erin O’Connor and Observer columnist and One Show presenter, Lucy Siegle, to ensure Westfield achieved excellence in environmental sustainability.

“The best part for me was filming Laurence because the project that he and his team are undertaking is so interesting,“ says Muzzammil. “I have an interest in technology and his work is very innovative.“

With such a tough task in hand, was Muzzammil nervous approaching the shooting process?

“Not at all,“ says Muzzammil in his laid-back style. “Beforehand we got used to working with many different clients, so when I came to the project I was confident in our skills as a group.

“It was a new experience but I learned to deal with nerves quickly and to focus on the job in hand.“

Eelyn Lee, who helped tutor the young filmmakers throughout the project was bowled over by their work.

“As each individual talent emerges, their roles become more defined and their confidence grows,“ he says. “It is satisfying to be supporting young filmmakers break into our competitive, challenging, but above all creative industry.“

Muzzammil’s confidence has certainly taken a boost and made him even more sure of his ambitions to be a respected director.

“A big moment for me during the project was when I first told someone how I wanted to shoot – and they did it!“ he adds. “I’m very pleased with the finished project because my vision has come out exactly as I planned. It was incredible to get my ideas across and have this opportunity.“

Muzzammil’s film is part of Westfield’s promotional campaign ahead of its September opening.