A PAIR of aggressive foxes have reportedly been seen trying to attack people at a bus stop.

It is claimed that the creatures have been hassling and snapping at passers-by in Lea Bridge Road by the junction with Peterborough Road in Leyton.

Russ and Fran Gooding say a fox tried to bite them as they boarded the number 56 bus to their home in Islington last Thursday (October 13) at 10.30pm.

They say the bus driver told them the same thing had happened to another bus user only days before.

Mrs Gooding, 29, said: "We were coming home from visiting my parents in Leyton and just about to get on the bus when I saw this fox running towards us.

"He had its teeth out and was really going for us. I started banging on the bus doors to open because I was so frightened.

"My husband flung his leg out and it jumped back, and we rushed on.

"But as we were doing so the driver started screaming saying another one was coming up behind us - he was desperate to shut the doors behind us.

"When we were safely on board he told us it was a problem at the stop. It's bizarre.

"I just want to warn people to watch out. You worry that if there was a child at the bus stop it could've been horrible."

The couple say they called police but were told it was not a crime, and say they feel frustrated no organisation appears willing to investigate.

Mr Gooding, 33, said: "We were a bit shaken up by it, it's not what you expect to see in an urban area.

"The police suggested the foxes might've been trying to protect their babies but we didn't see any around.

"We want people to be aware about it just in case it happens again."

Have you seen the foxes by the bus stop? Contact reporter Daniel Binns on 0779 547 6625 or via email at dbinns@london.newsquest.co.uk

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