THE Guardian's Don't Buy Dodgy DVDs campaign was raised at the Trade Union Congress annual conference in Brighton last week.

Leyton Cllr Miranda Grell joined the debate about migrant workers, informing Brendan Barber, general secretary of the TUC, of the Guardian's campaign.

She hopes the campaign will help stop the exploitation of DVD sellers, many of whom are being forced to trade in illegal DVDs by ganglords and people traffickers linked to international organised crime.

The TUC passed a formal resolution to support exploited British migrant workers and make sure they are not forced into illegal areas of work, also calling for them to be paid the national minimum wage.

Mr Barber asked to be kept informed of the Guardian's campaign which has now gained the support of Leyton MP Harry Cohen and London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold.

Cllr Grell said: "It was great to meet Harry Cohen and Brendan Barber to discuss the DVD problems we are having in the borough and the matter of exploitation of British migrant workers in general.

"As you would expect, Mr Barber was extremely concerned that the DVD issue is not being taken as seriously as it should be at the highest levels, and that these seemingly harmless DVD vendors are linked to much more dangerous criminals.

"I will now discuss with Harry Cohen the best way to raise the issue in Parliament.

"Well done again to the Guardian for keeping the pressure on us as locally elected representatives and for helping us to get the message across to local people that they shouldn't buy illegal DVDs."