A MAP published this week that pinpoints fatal traffic accidents shows that 16 people have been killed on Chignford’s roads in the past decade.

According to the data, the most dangerous road in the area is the A1009, which runs from the North Circular to Woodford Green, where eight people have lost their lives since 1999.

On the stretch of road known as Hatch Lane, between the junctions with Larkshall Road and Friday Hill, three people have been killed within about 200 yards of each other in three separate crashes involving a car, a pedestrian, a motorbike, a bus and an HGV.

One of the victims was motorcyclist Mo Watts, 20, who was killed when his bike collided with a van in August 2009, prompting calls for traffic-calming measures.

David Sinclair, 55, from Barking, admitted carelessly driving before the crash and was banned from driving for a year.

The A112, which runs through Chingford from north to south, was shown to have claimed two lives in the past decade.

The first fatal crash recorded on the map was in May 2000 in Chingford Mount Road, when a 76-year-old pedestrian died and a 34-year-old motorcyclist was seriously injured.

Another crash later that year further north on the road killed a 32-year-old man who was on foot and seriously injured another pedestrian and a motorbike rider.

Fatal accidents were also recorded in Selwyn Avenue, The Ridgeway, Waltham Way, Whitehall Road and near the station in Rangers Road.

Of the 16 fatal crashes in Chinford, seven involved motorbikes, 10 involved cars, three involved buses or coaches, lorries were involved in three and pedestrians were hit in six.

The map uses crash data recorded by the police and shows more than 36,000 fatalities on the country’s roads between 1999 and 2010.

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