THE date for the opening of a pioneering communty-run library has been set.

South Chingford Library closed last year despite widespread public opposition as the council looked to cut costs.

Supporters claimed the library provided valuable access to information and a point of contact for vulnerable residents.

A campaign was launched to replace the much-loved service with a library run by the community for the community.

A former Waltham Forest Direct shop in Chingford Mount Road was secured and volunteers have pledged their time to making the library a success.

They have now announced after months of planning that the new service will open on April 14.

Organisers are now asking what books and facilities the community would like at the new library.

Volunteer Greg Pope, 60, of Lawrence Hill in Chingford, said: “It’s very exciting that our hard work is soon to pay off.

“But libraries have so many uses these days and we may not be able to provide everything.

“We have to prove there’s a need for a community library and that people will come through the door. We can only do that if people tell us what they would come in for.”

“It really depends on what people want to read and I think we’d like to help people find jobs by providing the internet.

“A lot of elderly people used to use the library as a point of social contact so it would be good to provide something for them as well.”

He said opening hours will depend on when people are available, and how many people actually come forward.

“It’s very embryonic at the moment. We will have a couple of open days in March so people can come in and tell us what they want,” he added.

Volunteers have been given 1,000 books and computers by the council.

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