A new BBC drama following the case of the Essex Lorry Killers airs this week.

The documentary follows the harrowing story of how two people smugglers became responsible for the deaths of 39 Vietnamese people.

In 2019, ringleaders Ronan Hughes and Gheorghe Nica arranged for local Essex man, Mo Robinson, to collect a container filled with the Vietnamese people.

On opening the doors he discovered they were all dead. After waiting 20 minutes, he phoned emergency services, eventually leading to his arrest and sentencing to 13 years in jail.

Hughes and Nica received 27 and 20 years retrospectively.

The drama reveals how the case led to the discovery of an international smuggling ring and the team head to Vietnam to meet the families of those who passed, hearing about the lives they were promised before sadly meeting their fate.

How to watch Hunting the Essex Lorry Killers

Hunting the Essex Lorry Killers airs on BBC Two on Wednesday, October 13. It will also be available on BBC iPlayer also.