Every year there is always one act that stands out as the wackiest at the Eurovision song contest. 

From Ukraine’s silver-adorned drag queen Verka Serduchka to our very own UK act of 'Flying the Flag' in 2007.

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And if you were wondering what nation will take the crown for the weirdest performance at this year's Eurovision, then look no further as we may have found the winner. 

Norway's act Subwoolfer is seemingly taking the title even ahead of the grand final on Saturday, May 14. 

Who is Subwoolfer?

Norway's act features a mystery duo only known as Keith Jim wearing bright yellow, cotton, wolf-like helmets and sunglasses to hide their identity.

In fact, the musicians have even credited the writing credits under Keith and Jim and produced by a mysterious DJ Astronaut. 

Subwoolfer describes themselves as the "biggest band in the galaxy" and says they "first formed 4.5 billion years ago on their home planet, the moon."

The pair first emerged on the music scene in 2021 with their Eurovision entry being their first-ever release.

The song "Give That Wolf a Banana" is an electro-dance song with catchy and funny lyrics. 

It first became an instant hit in Norway when it reached number four in the Norwegian charts. 

But thanks to the internet and social media, the song has gained a lot of popularity online. 

Last year Norway came in 18th place when they were represented by artist Tix with the hit song Fallen Angel.