Lauren Goodger has announced the tragic death of her baby girl, Lorena, in a devastating announcement on Instagram.

Lorena passed away shortly after birth, she wrote, following a healthy pregnancy with no complications.

This is the star’s second child with boyfriend Charles Drury.

She wrote in an Instagram post that she would not “go into detail right now” over her daughter’s death, but that there was “nothing wrong with her”.

She wrote: “Lorena R.I.P 08.07.22 she was the most beautiful healthy baby I’ve ever seen just like her sister @babylarose.x.

“Words can’t describe as a mother losing your baby that I carried for all these months perfectly and gave birth too for my angel to be taken from me there was no pregnancy or labour complications and she was fine & healthy but I am not going into detail right now just know that there was nothing wrong with her or myself she was perfect I can’t understand it she is so so beautiful Larose twin so similar.. I am broken.

“I am back home from hospital Me & Charlie spent as much time with our baby girl Lorena and I haven’t said my goodbye yet.

“Please can I ask photographers to respect our privacy right now as we have a lot of grieving to do and funeral organising that I just need this time & with my baby girl Larose she is my rock that’s getting me through this or I wouldn’t survive… I will never ever get over this but I will learn how to live everyday with Lorena in my heart she will be with me always and I will be with her again one day … My [angel emoji] Lorena I love you so much.”

Lauren and Charles welcomed their first child together, Larose, in August 2021.