Annabel Croft has shared that she is 'heartbroken' that her late husband won't see her on Strictly Come Dancing but has admitted that training has been a distraction from her grief.

The former professional Tennis player, 56, confessed that it has been a 'terrible, terrible time' following the death of her husband Mel Coleman in May.

Mel, who died of cancer at age 60 reportedly just weeks after being diagnosed, was a big fan of the contest, according to Croft.

Although the tennis player is devastated that he isn't around to see her perform, she admitted that training for the BBC dance contest has been a welcome distraction from her grief.

Annabel Croft admits there 'hasn't been a day' where she hasn't cried after husband's death

She told reporters: “Mel always loved Strictly. He’d cry watching it and I’m heartbroken he’s not here to see it.

“It’s been a terrible, terrible time and there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t cried.

That’s why I think it’s good I’m doing something that will distract me. To be distracted, to be spending time doing something so wonderful and beautiful, is amazing.”

Annabel has three adult children with her late husband, Charlie, Amber and Lilly.

The radio and TV presenter shared that her children are thrilled she's signed up for the show.

She said: “My two daughters are amazing dancers so they’re especially excited.”

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The sports broadcaster insisted she isn't going to be competitive on the show and is just embracing the opportunity to learn a new skill and "find a little joy".

She said: “As a tennis player I am only competitive with myself. I don’t want to be competitive in the competition because we already know there are massive differences in how everyone moves and dances.

“I couldn’t possibly compare myself to a lot of them because they’re all amazing, so for me it’s about having joy and finding a little joy. I’m learning something new and I’m listening to the music and hopefully just going with the flow.”

Strictly Come Dancing returns on September 16 on BBC One.