It was pudding week on the sixth week of The Great British Bake Off and the bakers had a tricky time.

The initial 12 bakers were down to six as Amos was the first to go in cake week followed by Keith in the biscuit week and Abbi in bread week.

Week five saw two bakers exit the show at the same time as both Nicky and Rowan were eliminated followed by Dana in botanical week on the Channel 4 show.

Find out which baker was eliminated from The Great British Bake Off during pudding week.

Who was eliminated from The Great British Bake Off during pudding week?

The baker who was eliminated from The Great British Bake Off at Pudding Week was Saku.

Saku had trouble during this week's edition after facing issues with her cake not breaking seeing judges Paul and Prue ask them to leave the tent.

On X (formally known as Twitter), the Bake Off account shared: "It’s been a privilege to have you in our Tent, Saku. Thanks for all the laughs, the bakes, the cricket - and above all for putting so many smiles on the faces of Bake Off viewers."

Which bakers remain on The Great British Bake Off?

These are the bakers that will continue their Bake Off journeys:

  • Tasha - Participation officer from Bristol
  • Saku - Intelligence analyst from Herefordshire
  • Matty - Science and PE teacher from Cambridgeshire
  • Josh - Post-doctoral research associate and chemist by trade from Leicestershire
  • Dan - Resource planner in civil engineering from Cheshire
  • Cristy - Personal assistant from east London

Dan  took the Star Baker title for the week after impressing the judges.

You watch The Great British Bake Off on Channel 4 and All 4 at 8pm on Tuesday evenings.