Sir David Jason has revealed what one of his first-ever jobs was before he became famous for playing Del Boy on the popular British sitcom Only Fools and Horses (and it's not an acting role). 

Sir David is set to return to TV on Monday, January 22, alongside Jay Blades (The Repair Shop) in the BBC Two series David And Jay’s Touring Toolshed. 

The Touring Toolshed will see the pair take to the road, travelling the length of the UK to lend a hand to crafters and makers, both amateur and professional, while also learning about their passions and projects.

During the show Sir David and Blades will visit craft shows, country fairs, steam rallies and engineering fairs with their toolshed - a trailer-come-shed equipped with a plethora of tools.

Only Fools and Horses star Sir David Jason reveals his first job (and its not acting)

Blades is already well known for being a bit of a handy man and a maker himself through his various roles over the years as a furniture restorer, author and presenter of shows including The Repair Shop and Jay Blades’ Home Fix.

But Sir David - who played Del Boy on Only Fools and Horses alongside Nicholas Lyndhurst as his brother Rodney - also has a long-held passion for inventing and fixing things which originated from one of his first-ever jobs.

Speaking about his passion, with PA Media's Jessica Rawnsley, the Only Fools and Horses star revealed that one of his first jobs before becoming an actor was an electrician.

Sir David said: "I have the ability because going back into history, when I first started work I was an apprentice electrician.

"When you are an apprentice to any trade, you have to absorb all sorts of traits – you’re bumping into people who are bricklayers, plasterers, pipe benders, plumbers.

"And if you’re interested in making things, it leaves its mark.

"You get interested in how a plumber bends a piece of pipe, and that sort of thing is still with me, I still love bending pipes."


When to watch David and Jay’s Touring Toolshed on BBC Two?

Sir David and Blades will be at the Midlands Air Festival and Midlands Air Museum for the first episode of David and Jay’s Touring Toolshed, according to the Freeview TV Guide summary.

You can watch the first episode of David and Jay's Touring Tooolshed on BBC Two at 6.30pm on Monday, January 22.