WALKERS who set out to enjoy a morning stroll on Wanstead Flats were dismayed to find a mountain of rubble in their way.

Professional magician Martyn Rowland and his girlfriend Cassandra Crouch were taking their dog Lily for her morning walk when they came across the remains of a kitchen which had been dumped in the playing fields off Lakehouse Road in Wanstead.

Mr Rowland, 34, said: “We couldn’t believe how much rubbish there was, it really is an enormous pile.

“It is shocking to see something like this, really, really terrible.

“I don’t know if someone has hired a dodgy company in good faith or just dumped it themselves.

“Either way if they are found they should be given a massive fine.”

“They must have got onto the site from the track opposite Belgrave Road.”

Mr Rowland called Waltham Forest Council, Redbridge and the City of London Corporation to try and get the rubbish removed.

The Magic Circle member added: “Unfortunately I can’t just make it disappear so someone else will have to.”

As of 3pm this afternoon, the rubbish had not been removed

The land is owned by the Corporation of the City of London. The Guardian has asked them for a statement.