Waltham Abbey Karate Club competitors claimed their best ever results at the Shotokan Karate England Championships held at Harlow Leisurezone.

The event saw a total of 500 contestants take part from Karate clubs across London and the south of England.

Laura Joiner secured gold in the Girls' Black Belt Jiyu Kumite while Dina Kitchenside and Magen Taylor also clinched gold in the Adult Ippon Kumite and Children’s Kata respectively.

Samantha Burton sealed second in the Girls' Black Belt Kata and there were silvers for Kane White in the Children’s Kata and Fatemah Ektehary in the Ladies’ Kata.

Waltham Forest came in second in the Team Kata while Aodan Bayford claimed bronze in the Boys' Brown Belt Kata, Paul Giddy was third in the Sanbon Kumite as was Ben Green in the Boys' Jiyu Kumite.

Bayford was also presented with a Spirit of the Day award for his efforts across the events.

Shotokan Karate is a popular activity for adults and children alike. There is no upper age limit but children below the age of six are not accepted in Karate Clubs.

For more information on Waltham Abbey Karate Club, visit www.shotokan-karate-england.co.uk.