Fans were left disappointed this week after a match between Walthamstow and Clapton was cancelled due to faded pitch markings.

Walthamstow announced on Twitter on Tuesday (October 27) that the Essex Senior League match that was due to take place on the pitch at Newham Leisure Centre that evening had been cancelled.

Walthamstow FC (WFC) said to fans online that the away pitch passed an inspection at 3pm by the match referee but said at around 7pm the pitch markings were too faint to be played on.

After fans expressed their frustrations, the club again took to Twitter with a statement about the "disgraceful events" upon arriving to the pitch that led to the game being cancelled.

WFC reiterated in its statement that they were told that the pitch had been deemed playable at around 3pm but said when one of its club officials arrived at around 6.15pm they noticed there were no pitch markings and raised this to Clapton officials.

According to WFC's statement, they were met by a "hostile" and "aggressive" response to questions over the lack of pitch markings.

The statement read: "Unfortunately, the Clapton officials began to blame everyone but themselves – the referee, Newham Leisure Centre – for the problems with the pitch."

The club said that they were told by Clapton officials that there were lines on the pitch on Saturday.

Match officials and referee’s assessor then said at around 6.45pm that the game would be called off unless Clapton could paint some lines on the pitch. As a result, at 7pm a man arrived with white spray cans and started to mark the lines but then later disappeared.

The referee then asked where the man was and was told by a Clapton official that he had gone to B&Q to buy more paint. The match was then called off by the referee.

WFC have said as a result of the game being cancelled they will be offering all those who made the trip to Newham a free drink at the next home game.

Clapton FC have now responded to the statement put out by WFC and said its statement contained "inaccuracies and lack of facts".

The club said that the pitch was suitable to play at 3pm and said just before 5pm the grounds were being prepared for the match and Covid-19 track and trace protocols.

The club said after the inspection it rained making the lines on the pitch faint and said you could see the line along the 18 yard box.

The club’s statement read: "The referee gave us 20 minutes to try to rectify the matter and so people went off to try to get paint from the shop over a mile and a half away.

"The main aim was to stage the match but the referee subsequently called off the match before we were able to return with the paint."

Clapton FC has said that anyone who purchased a ticket online will be able to use that ticket at the rearranged match or can get a refund.