It's not surprising that being a dedicated football fan can be expensive, with ticket prices, merchandise game day prices, and much more.

Especially if you're a proud supporter of a Premier League club that is notoriously known for the high prices and expensive dedication. 

If you've been wondering what the most expensive club to be a fan of is, then look no further as Vertu Motors have analysed and broken down the cost of everything from pints to parking for all 20 Premier League clubs. 

But there's bad news if you're a fan of London-based football club Arsenal with the club being noted as the most expensive club for matchday fans to follow. 

With fans of the club forking out approximately £1,375 for the 2021/22 season when taking into account pint, parking, tickets, and even pies. 

In fact, if you were to attend every home game for the club and got a pint and pie at each match it would put you pack a chunky £222.30.

Plus if you wanted a season ticket but wanted to go for the cheapest available option it would still put a dent in your wallet at £891.

Meaning that if you're an Arsenal fan then, you'll have to make sure that you keep enough money asides to continue to support the team and watch the team in action. 

And if you were wondering what the cheapest Premium League time to support is, then you're in luck if you're an avid supporter of Manchester City.

The club only costs £690 for everything added up, making it more than half times cheaper than Arsenal. 

Manchester City costs £325 for its cheapest season ticket making it the second cheapest option just above West Ham at £320. 

To see the full list of the most expensive clubs to support head to Vetru Motors website.