Owner Francesco Becchetti has criticised Russell Slade for publicising the recent ultimatum but has retained belief in the Orient manager’s faith and honesty despite his links with the vacant Cardiff City job.

Slade’s job was on the line after the home defeat to Colchester United. The side drew 1-1 at Notts County in the next match and the manager held on to his position following post-match talks with Becchetti.

Writing in Tuesday’s Sheffield United match programme, Becchetti said: “The message was if with the next match there was no redemption we would be forced to remove Russell Slade from his position and that any responsibility would lie with the team itself.”

He added: “Just after Mauro Milanese [sporting director] left the changing room, while I was on the field playing ball with my son, I see that Russell repeated to the press what was said in the changing room. I have to say it left me very puzzled because I have always believed that anything said in the changing room is covered by secrecy enshrined in a pact of iron inviolability between players, the coach and the club.”

The Italian added: “In families, husbands and wives quarrel often and sometimes they say they will leave but then usually remain together, or parents often threaten to spank their children but usually do not carry out the threat.”

Since this took place, Cardiff City have made two approaches to Orient about Slade becoming their new manager. The O’s boss also asked to talk to the Championship club, prior to last Saturday’s win at Scunthorpe United, but all three approaches were turned down.

Becchetti said: “I was informed by a lawyer, to consent to the transfer of Russell to Cardiff, consent to which I denied authorisation.

“Then I received an authorisation request for Russell to go directly to Malaysia immediately after the match to speak with the owner of Cardiff. Permission which I denied.

“Someone might think that rush to tell the press what happened in the locker room could be linked to the interests of Cardiff while instead I believed blindly in Russell and until proven otherwise, I continue to believe in his good faith and honesty.”

Writing about the decision to keep Slade on as manager, Becchetti said: “I didn’t relieve Russell of his post regardless of the pressure from the press and you because there are times that the president must have the strength to take unpopular decisions even against everyone and in the moment of need, I feel that strength inside.”