Leyton Orient owner Francesco Becchetti ordered a public announcement at half time criticising Darius Henderson for being late for the Port Vale match.

The O's striker missed the start of the game and was named on the bench after being caught up in a traffic accident on his way to Brisbane Road.

But Becchetti instructed matchday announcer Phill Othen to deliver a public message criticising Henderson for not arriving in time for the first half.

Othen said: "I was told to announce the president was very angry that he was 45 minutes late. I was perplexed but I did my duty. It's probably the strangest announcement I've ever made."

When asked to react to this bizarre announcement after the 3-1 victory, manager Fabio Liverani said: "I haven't heard it so I don't make comments on things I haven't heard myself.

"Of course it was a disappointment he was late but not a problem because it wasn't his fault. I think at this point of the season we should stick together and not think about other things that can influence the performance of players."

The Italian added: "I haven't heard what was said and especially how it was said because sometimes things can be said in a way that's a joke rather than something more serious.

"If I was the player and something touched me personally I would prove myself on the pitch to show how good my qualities are and that I am an important player for the squad.

"I consider Henderson an important player and I am sure he can help us until the end of the season. We have one month left and we only have to focus on the positive aspects of the game."