Leyton Orient chairman Nigel Travis has provided an update on details surrounding the death of head coach Justin Edinburgh last week, including his memories, funeral details and the petition to rename the West Stand in his honour.

Travis was speaking from his home in Boston, USA in a video uploaded to the club’s YouTube channel.

He said: “It’s been a really tough week for everyone and we’ve all obviously been reflecting on the great career and life of Justin, but most of all the shock of his passing has been something that has been very difficult to handle.

“In many ways I was very fortunate because with me that weekend I had Martin Ling, Ross Embleton, Craig Clay and Josh Coulson. Every year we try and do an event out here and they come out and do some coaching, and we had a good time together.

“The benefit of that last week was that we were together. We were a group. Justin’s passing was so sad and a lot of people found it very difficult to handle. We did, but we had each other.”

While Travis spoke at length about how the players and staff grieved together, he also took time to speak about the personal memories he will have of Edinburgh.

He said: “Personally I’ll remember Justin for a lot of fun things. He and I used to play a game. Unlike some previous chairmen I never selected the team or got involved in it but I used to write down what I thought the team should be.

“At the end of the game Justin would look at it and say ‘see, wrong again!’ because the right answer was what Justin chose. It was great fun and my memories of Justin were always that great laugh and the fun side of him.

“My final memory was we lost at Wembley we had a party. We had to try and get over losing, which didn’t take very long because we’d already won the league and got promotion and I saw Justin dancing on the table, signing. That’s my final memory of him as I left that party that night.”

Funeral arrangements for Edinburgh are yet to be released by the club, however Travis expects it to be a family affair with the opportunity for supporters to pay their respects in another way.

He said: “A lot of people have been asking about the funeral arrangements and how we’re going to celebrate his life. The first thing I fully expect but don’t know is that it will be a small funeral, a family funeral. There will also probably be a memorial service a little bit later and we’ll obviously try and do something early next season at the club.

“I know many of you have also talked about the fact that we should name the West Stand, the Justin Edinburgh Stand. We’ve heard that, we’re thinking about that and we’ll take our time to decide if we’re going to do that or not. We’ll take the fans’ wishes very much into consideration when making that decision.”