Gator ABC had a hugely successful evening last Friday as they hosted their 29th annual dinner show at Menzies Prince Regent Hotel.

First out on the night was Jonny Harrison, who continued to impress after he win his contest against A. Young of Holland Park, and Terry Sullivan kept his momentum up by beating JJ Foley of St Albans in a pulsating contest.

Gator’s debutant on the night was Jimmy McDonaugh, who looked impressive as he out-pointed T. Hibbert of Cheshunt, Amaan Mohammed won all three rounds against Folkestone’s L. Robertson and Chris O’Driscol was barely troubled by K. Moudovan of Finchley.

Gator’s showman Gerard McDonaugh had the audience on the edge of their seats as he beat P. McCann of Kettering and, in the last bout of the evening, Jamal Berleen made his debut in the senior ranks as he took on Finchley’s Jesse Brandon.

The Gator boxer made light work of it, wrapping up the show in style with an excellent display of defensive skills and winning all three rounds comprehensively.