London Stadium is now midway through the dramatic three-week transformation in becoming a state-of-the-art ball-park ahead of the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees two game series on June 29-30.

Having been granted access to the Stadium on June 6, Major League Baseball (MLB) is expected to complete the impressive make over by 27 June, adhering to strict minimum standards.

Over 141,900 square feet of artificial turf from France has been installed on top of West Ham’s grass playing surface.

Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees have played 2,200 times in their colourful history, but it will be the first time they have played each other on synthetic turf.

18 metre tall foul poles and over 400 metres of fencing have all been installed, while the build of a batter's eye, backstop, batting cages, dugouts, and temporary clubhouses are on-going.

Materials such as clay for the pitcher's mound and home plate area, and 345 tonnes of dirt for the infield diamond have been shipped from the US, while the fence padding for the field’s perimeter has been brought in from Toronto and shipped out of Montreal, Canada.

Following the historic series, it is expected to take five days for London Stadium to return to its more familiar state.

The Boston Red Sox will play the New York Yankees in the first ever Mitel & MLB Present London Series 2019 on June 29-30 at London Stadium.