Students from across London turned market traders to have a go at selling school-grown fruit and vegetables at Walthamstow Market, as part of a programme promoting healthy eating, cooking and sustainability. 

On Thursday (July 14) dozens of pupils from Waltham Forest secondary schools rubbed shoulders with seasoned traders at the morning sale, selling rhubarb, potatoes, spring onions, lettuce, herbs and more and making a total of £376, which will be reinvested back into their schools.  

The programme, called Know your Onions, is run by the charity School Food Matters, and gives students an opportunity to experience cooking and growing at school, with the help of expert gardeners and food teachers.


The free programme, now in its fifth year, also sees students visiting a nearby market garden to observe how the professionals do it.  

More than 160 students across five London boroughs took part in the programme this year.

School Food Matters Development Manager Dela Foster said: “Teenagers can be initially confused about why they should learn about food growing and cooking. But for many, visiting the farm is the moment when they see why this is important.

"Market day gives them this incredible opportunity to interact with the public and see the value their community places on home-grown veg.”