A “remorseless” teenager has been jailed after he brutally stabbed a schoolboy to death while he was waiting for a bus.

Myglor Yambuya, 17, has been jailed for life for the murder of 16-year-old Renell Charles close to Kelmscott School in Walthamstow last year.

The youth, of Libra Road in Plaistow, attacked Renell as he was sitting at a bus stop with friends in Markhouse Road at around 4pm on May 5.

Yambuya had approached Renell, who was a Kelmscott student, after jumping out of a taxi, sparking a brief verbal spat.

The 16-year-old attempted to run away, but Yambuya followed and was able to catch up to his victim.

Yambuya stabbed Renell twice, the second time as the 16-year-old lay defenceless on the ground.

The killer fled the scene, and Renell was found collapsed nearby a short time later. Despite medical assistance, he died a short time later.

Police have said that Yambuya took “deliberate steps” to evade capture following the murder.

This included immediately changing clothes and swapping SIM cards, as well as spending the night in Clapton, as opposed to his home in Newham.

When detectives arrived at his house on May 6, Yambuya was still away.

But just two days later, the 17-year-old attended Forest Gate police station, claiming to be confused as to why police had visited his home.

He was immediately arrested on suspicion of murder, and charged later that day.

After initially responding “no comment” during his police interview, he later claimed that he was in fear of the victim and had simply acted in self-defence.

Yambuya was ultimately found guilty of murder on February 2, and sentenced at Snaresbrook Crown Court yesterday (March 14).

He was jailed for life, and ordered to serve a minimum term of 20 years.

After sentencing, Detective Chief Inspector Mark Rogers said his thoughts were with Renell’s family and loved ones.

He added: “They have been dignified and supportive throughout and I hope it is of some comfort to them his killer has been brought to justice.

“For reasons known only to him, Yambuya – just a child himself - subjected Renell to a brutal and unprovoked attack on a busy road in view of countless witnesses.

“To date, he has shown no remorse for his appalling actions.”